This work is exploring the idea of how economics and culture are used to create political containers that we call states and countries. The world map indicates the constant division of these territories. Simultaneously, the earth’s tectonic plates are shifting and effecting continental forms. Magma is oozing at the bottom of the oceans and forming archipelagos; the Coriolis Effect happens as the earth spins; the gravitation of the sun and moon pull on the Earth and her oceans, causing tides; the Earth’s magnetic forces project from the North Pole and furl into the South. All of these gargantuan and powerful forces of our planet are minuscule to the universe at large, yet our matter shares the same elements as the celestial bodies in our solar system, as a result of the Big Bang and Supernovas. Supreme Magnetic is the consciousness that can stretch through the iron-nickel core of the Earth and swim through the pelagic zones of the oceans and soar across the Exosphere. So why are geographical divisions necessary? Why Racism, Imperialism, and Classism? I’m still in search of these answers by collage, found objects, and paint.